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from by The Invisible



They put me in the room and told me what to do.
‘Wait around until the lift comes down, and white coats come for you’.

The monsters, the demons, the cold-hearted villains, the poachers, the preachers, the killers, the bigots, the junkies, the die-hards, the drinkers, the thinkers, the blood-thirsty bastards that kill all my dinners, the teachers, the rejects, the stalkers, the talkers, the gamers, the players, the hypnotic flavours, the workers, berserkers, the makers, the breakers, they’re all coming after me…

They sat me in this chair; they’re not here to scare.
‘You’ll feel a pinch, but do not itch. It only hurts a bit’.

In my eyes I see the future, but my brain is saying no. My heart is calling me a loser but my hands will only show what I’ve done to get this far, all the people I have wronged, all the cigarettes and alcohol writing all these songs.
I could blame the institutions for the mess that they have made; I could sit outside and contemplate the grave…
I still wonder if my dreamscape is real or is it fake? A slight of hand could ruin everything I’ve made.

Join us in the last chance to reside here. Visit this place on last time.
Don’t call me a liar – don’t take my dream away – a slight of hand could ruin everything I’ve made.
Join us in the last chance to reside here. Visit this place one last time.
This is what they told me; it is what I believed. A fitting story for the treatment I received.

I’ve lost all that I have. Forgot all that I am.
Who am I to decide who or what I am?

My thoughts, my walk, the way that I talk, my fear, my hate, and all I create, my addictions, possessions, my mind and my soul; I don’t stand a chance in a crisis. My body, my clothes, my house and my car, my money, my veins, my blood and my fate, my day job, my bad hair, my make up, my break up, the treatment is working; I’m free…


from MK​-​ULTRA, released October 14, 2016
Dreamscape by The Invisible

All instruments & vocals performed by Jake Bradford-Sharp
Recorded at Lazycat Studios and SSR London
Mixed by Jeanne Albin
Mastered by Marcel van Limbeek



all rights reserved


The Invisible London, UK

The Invisible is the project of multi-instrumentalist Jake Bradford-Sharp. Debut album 'MK-ULTRA' released via ROK Music on the 14th of October 2016. The album explores issues surrounding the fictional character's suffering of amnesia following MK-ULTRA tests (late 1973), but ultimately is a journey of self-discovery and acceptance. ... more

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